Magic Faucet Beer Mug - Beer on Tap
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Magic Faucet Beer Mug - Beer on Tap
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Watch in amazement as the Beer appears to come out of the can or faucet attached to absolutely nothing. Has a light built in so it shows as well in dark.

Your MAGIC BEER MUG can look just as good as this picture by following a few simple steps. Just FILL to the top of the handle with water, ADD three drops of yellow food coloring AND one drop of dish washing detergent. Let the liquid agitate for ten minutes, and top with your favorite beer can or soft drink container. BE CREATIVE. Make orange juice or soft drinks. Simply change the food coloring and top with any pop top aluminum can! THE MAGIC BEER MUG also comes with a golden faucet that takes ten seconds to install and presents an entirely different picture to you and your friends. Back your faucet into a wall or even a curtain!! Enjoy the illusion of NEVER ENDING water or beer!!

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