Book, Mickey Mantle
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Book, Mickey Mantle
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Mickey Mantle: Stories and Memorabilia from a Lifetime with the Mick
by Mickey Herskowitz, Danny Mantle, David Mantle, David Mantle (With), Danny Mantle (With)

From Our Editors
Mickey Charles Mantle (1931-95) was just 22 when he graced his first Time cover, but that honor occurred at only the first inkling of his fame. This 3-time American League MVP and 16-time All-Star became an international celebrity and an authentic sports superhero; an embodiment of on-the-field power, speed, and selflessness. Off the field, Mantle's life was a shambles; his alcoholism and habitual infidelity wrecked his marriage; all four of his sons suffered from drinking problems; and his faulty business sense and prolific spending left him on shaky financial ground. This large-format illustrated biography, the first book ever compiled with the full cooperation of the Mantles, contains ten pullout facsimile memorabilia from the family archives.

From the Publisher
Some say he was the greatest ever-a rare combination of power and speed who made acrobatic catches and never failed to get a hit when his team needed it most. The son of an Oklahoma miner, he was the anchor in center field for a Yankees team that won seven world championships. He was three times the league MVP, he won the Triple Crown in 1956, and in 1961 he dueled teammate Roger Maris in a thrilling race for the single-season home run record. He was so famous that to identify him people didn't even bother to say his last name or even all of his first. He was known, simply, as The Mick.

Mickey Mantle is the first-ever illustrated biography published with the support of the Mantle family. Covering his entire life from his impoverished youth to his glorious career to his poignant sunset years, it features rare photos and never-before-seen memorabilia, with 10 pull-out, removable facsimiles. It also includes intimate stories collected over the years by his sons and his friend, writer Mickey Herskowitz- stories that will be new even to the most avid Mantle enthusiasts. This book is an absolute must for Mantle fans of every stripe, Yankees fans, and baseball fans in general.

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