NightZone Ignition
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NightZone Ignition
Part #: 085761249172
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A Toysmith exclusive! Turn on the massive light up rocket and launch it with a STOMP! The pump action mechanism shoots the rocket up to 50 feet into the sky. Includes 8" launch base with pump and four 11" rockets. Rocket light turns off automatically after 60 seconds. Requires three AAA batteries for the base, two CR2032 batteries for the stomp pad. Batteries in rocket are non-replaceable. All batteries are included. Recommended for age 5 years and up.

* Light-up stomp rocket set
* Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, cause-effect learning, outdoor play
* The end of the day marks the start of your rocket-blasting fun!
Stomp pad, rocket base, and rocket all light up bright
* Stomp on the stomp pad to send the rocket flying up to 50 feet into the sky
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