Chameleon Kidz Blendy Pens, Multi-Color Marker Pens, Large Kit
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Chameleon Kidz Blendy Pens, Multi-Color Marker Pens, Large Kit
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The Original Blendy Pens are back! 10 Pens give you 20 colors and countless color belnds. Each pack contains 10 posters to color and 2 Stencil sheets. Each kit also contains 1 Sprayza Airbrush Tool to create your own air brush effects. Twist, Fuse, Blend! It is simple and fun.

* PLAY & LEARN - Blendy Pens are the perfect tool for teaching art to kids in a fun and engaging way! Teach your kids about colors or let them create custom color blends and incredible art for hours with this Blendy Pens Set!
* EXTRAORDINARY ARTS - Kids can color any way they want: single-color gradation, 190 possible color blending combinations or use it like a regular marker. Just put two Blendy Pens in the Fusion Chamber & twist to create custom color blends & incredible art!
* SAFE & EASY TO USE - Non-toxic & conform to ASTM D4236. To blend colors, simply place 2 pens nib-to-nib in a fusion chamber. The pen on top fuses its color with the pen at the bottom in 3 seconds! Disconnect the pen you want to use & start to color!
* 100% WASHABLE - Blendy Pens contain non-permanent watercolor ink that is 100% washable; making them ideal especially for children.
WHAT'S INSIDE - 10 Pens in 20 Colors, 10 Color Fusion Chamber, 10 Magic Reveal Posters, 2 Stencils, and 1 Sprayza Airbrush Tool.
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