Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Booklet
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Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Booklet
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Need to get things done fast? Don't wait for consensus terrorism - get Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Booklet with plenty of notes to Make Your Memos Great Again...or maybe just build a little wall around your ivory tower with them.These stickies make a great gift for anyone who needs to write a note and post it just about anywhere; on the fridge, on the ceiling, on your enemy's back. Just make sure to not get caught.

* Each memo pad is full of hundreds of self sticking sheets of awesome.
* Over 400 sticky notes measuring and the largest pad measures approximately 4"x3"
* (4) Sticky Note tabs including Loser!, Terrific, Sad, and Classy!
* (1) Trump Executive Order Notepad with the President and Pen
* (1) Trump Sticky Executive Order Notepad

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