Battle Shots - Battleship Drinking Game
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Battle Shots - Battleship Drinking Game
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Whenever a player takes a hit, they take a shot! This grown-up take on the classic kid's game is a great activity for parties and more. Includes: 2 sets of printed plastic shot glasses, dry wipe able game boards, 2 dry wipe pens For adults

* Exchanging shots with your opponent in the hope of sinking one or two has never been quite so fun-filled.
* Each player takes their turn to hit their opponents ship, with each successful strike, it's not just the ship that gets sunk! When hit, the shot glass must be downed.
* With each battle you will be required to rely on hardy sea legs as well as a steady nerve.
* A grown-up spin to a children's classic
* Two sets of printed plastic shot glasses, dry wipe-able game boards, and two dry wipe pens. Everything you need for an epic high spirits battle on the high seas.
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