John Wayne 16oz Mug with Rifle Handle - "A Man's Gotta Do..."
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John Wayne 16oz Mug with Rifle Handle - "A Man's Gotta Do..."
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There are tough guys, and then there’s “the Duke” – John Wayne, a real man’s man if ever there was such a thing. On this unique 16-oz coffee mug, the legendary rebel rousing cowboy is showcased in rustic, warm hued portraiture donning his signature dust bitten cowboy hat and wielding that iconic Winchester '73 rifle. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," the mug reads on the opposite side - a fitting, inspiring quote to accompany your morning pre-work cup of joe. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this handsome ceramic mug is its cool rifle shaped handle - again, the “gun that won the West” – the Duke's trusty Model 1873 Winchester. Use this unique mug to sip coffee, tea, juice, milk, even bourbon whiskey – always a John Wayne favorite. With its striking design and vibrant color, this stylish mug is also perfect for display in a home bar, man cave, or collection. Better yet, get two! One for drinking and one to showcase! The John Wayne Rifle-Handled Mug also makes a unique, memorable gift for John Wayne or cowboy western fans, artistic mug collectors or tough guys (and gals) of all stripes.

* John Wayne mug with rifle handle.
* 16 oz. ceramic mug for your favorite beverage
* Great present for the ultimate John Wayne collector.
* Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand wash only.
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