Play Dirt Pig Pen Set
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Play Dirt Pig Pen Set
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Play Dirt looks and feels exactly like real dirt without getting stuck under your nails, staining your skin, or damaging clothing! It is transportable and easy to clean. It is mold-able, pliable, soft and smooth. Pig Pen Edition allows kids to play with Piglets on their own designed and built farm with a fence. Use the tractor to ride on the Dirt making it smooth, bumpy, or slick. Provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. It is the "Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth!" Designed for Children Ages 3 and Up.

* Indoor Dirt that is Easy to Mold with Easy Clean up and Can be Used Over and Over again.
* Shape Dirt To Form Different and Unique Farm Scenes for 3 Piglets.
* Safe and Non-Toxic Formula. Made from All Natural Materials. Cleanest Dirt that is Mess and Germ Free.
* Designed for Children Ages 3 and Up.

- Includes -
* 2 pounds of play dirt
* 3 piglets
* 7 fence pieces, 2 with hinges and gates
* Farm tractor
* Full color play mat

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