Outdoor StarBright Laser Light Projector
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Outdoor StarBright Laser Light Projector
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Hanging Christmas lights can be time consuming; they get tangled and there is always a risk of bulbs breaking in the process. Take your home from dark to dazzling with this amazing StarBright motion Laser Light Projector. Watch the stars dance right before your eyes or freeze them with just a click. Use the extra-long stake to place in your yard, then simply click to make thousands of green and red stars explode into motion, or bring the stars indoors to light up a party. The secret to the Starbright is the weather-proof laser design that projects holographic stars while the motion motor creates shimmering patterns of beautiful light. StarBright motion Laser Light Projector takes the hassle out of your holidays so you can enjoy instant, effortless decorating

* Laser Light Projector with Red and Green Lights.
* 600 foot Range with a 10 foot Cord.
* 4 Laser Modes.
* Waterproof.
* Tripod and Stand also Included.
* For any Festive Occasion.
* One Projector Per Package.

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