The Original V-Cube 21st Century Rubik's Cube 4 X 4
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The Original V-Cube 21st Century Rubik's Cube 4 X 4
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Hone your cubing prowess with the 4x4x4 V-CUBE 4. Six colors, four layers and 98 cubies on a solid support cross this isn't your grandfather's puzzle cube! Try this unique "pillow" design for an entirely different feel. Smooth rotation and 98 cubies on a solid cross make the V-CUBE 4 ideal for corner cutting and helps prevent lock up. This 2.68" cube is perfect to test yourself, challenge your friends and discover new ways to solve with the puzzle that never repeats itself.

* V-CUBE 4 is the 4x4x4 member of the V-CUBE family, perfect for the intermediate puzzler
* Four layers of cubes will test your determination and skill
* Smooth rotation and durability makes this a puzzle that lasts
* 4x4x4 V-CUBE
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