Sands Alive! Passion Pink Starter Set
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Sands Alive! Passion Pink Starter Set
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There's no limit to the fun kids can have with Sands Alive play sand: they can moosh and squoosh it, sculpt sand castles and sand animals, dig holes, bury action figures in the sand or march the figures over "sand dunes," and so much more. The Sands Alive! Volcanic Violet set adds just one limitation to Sands Alive fun: everything that kids make out of it looks like it might be yummy-flavored!*

* Safe for children; non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and made from 100% all-natural ingredients
* Ultra Smooth & Soft Texture
* Easy To Mold Into Any Shape
* Easy Clean Up

* 1.5lbs of Sands Alive!,
* 2 Sand Sculpting Tools,
* Brick & Pebble Rollers With Interchangeable Handle,
* Play Tray

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