Little Buddy Super Mario Series Morton Koopa Jr. 9" Plush
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Little Buddy Super Mario Series Morton Koopa Jr. 9" Plush
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Morton Koopa Jr. (known as Big Mouth Koopa Jr. in the cartoons) is a member of the Koopalings, a seven-member clan loyal to Bowser. The Koopalings were originally depicted as Bowser's own children. This idea was usually omitted in games released after their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, and Shigeru Miyamoto stated in a 2012 interview that Nintendo's current story was that they are not Bowser's children, leaving Bowser Jr. as his only offspring. Morton stood out because of his primarily darker skin colouration and his white head until New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in which his pale grey shell was also a point of interest due to the Koopalings now having unique shell colors. He also has a star-shaped birthmark on his face, although Larry now has similar markings. Although Morton is the largest of the Koopalings, he isn't as powerful in battle as some of his peers.

* Measures approximately 9" in height
* Officially Licensed by Little Buddy!
* Makes a great gift!
* Cute and Collectible

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