Flipo E-Motion Spinning Photo Cube 4" x 4"
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Flipo E-Motion Spinning Photo Cube 4" x 4"
Part #: 768824443754
Retail Price: $23.99
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The E-Motion Rotating Photo Cube gives a new dimension to the photo cube concept by turning it on end... Literally! Like any cube, E-Motion holds six photos, but stands and rotates on one of it's corners. Each cube slowly rotates and seems to float above the surface it is placed upon. By keeping your memories in motion, E-Motion will move anyone when filled with images of your precious loved ones. The E-Motion rotating photo cube operates on 1 AA battery (not included) and spins for up to 3 months before needing to be replaced.

* 4" x 4" cube
* Unique photo cube that puts a "spin" on your cherished memories
* Easy to assemble
* Rotates slowly for clear viewing
* Spins up to 3 months per battery
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