Sands Alive Living Sands Sunken Castle Discovery Sand Box Set
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Sands Alive Living Sands Sunken Castle Discovery Sand Box Set
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Introducing the most amazing unique learning and play material to enter the market in years: Living Sand. Consisting of sand and other natural ingredients, the only way to describe the feeling of this material is sublime. The sensation is somewhat similar to cookie dough, yet it is totally dry to the touch. Mold it into hard durable shapes and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move. Almost as if it were alive. 100% non-toxic and anti-bacterial, Living Sands won't stain and easily removes from you hands.

This super set includes:
* 2 pounds of Sands Alive!
* 4 deluxe castle molds
* 5 mini castle topper molds
* wall and column molds
* 2 extruders and brick and pebble pavers with interchangeable handle.

To add even more play value, the package opens up and turns into its own Sunken Castle World, complete with reusable stickers to create your own background art.

* Measures 24 x 4 x 15.
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