Living Sand, Sands Alive! Neon Frenzy- Neon Orange
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Living Sand, Sands Alive! Neon Frenzy- Neon Orange
Part #: 45523
Retail Price: $29.99
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This incredible set will absolutely astound you! The worlds first Fluorescent Light Up Sand! Each set includes 1.5 pounds of Fluorescent Sans Alive!, 4 castle molds, brick and pebble rollers with interchangeable handle, UV black light glasses and play tray.

* Glows Under UV Black Light
* Ultra Smooth & Soft Texture
* Easy To Mold Into Any Shape
* Easy Clean Up

* 1.5lbs of Sands Alive!,
* 4 Castle Molds,
* Brick & Pebble Rollers With Interchangeable Handle,
* Play Tray With UV Black Light Glasses


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