The Fart Dictionary By Scott A. Sorensen
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The Fart Dictionary By Scott A. Sorensen
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What sound instantly causes a serious case of the giggles in any human within ear shot? A fart--don't deny it. The one and only "Fart Dictionary" is a witty collection of fart definitions for every occasion, covering a wide range of topics. Whether it's politics, Brad and Angelina, hunting, poetry, karaoke, Mardi Gras, Food Network, Jane Austen, love, war, ghosts, family, sports, fashion, Shakespeare, or vegetarians, there's a fart in this book for everyone Fully illustrated with whimsical artwork and all wrapped up in a classy little package, "Fart Dictionary" is certain to be a hit with anyone who has ever laughed at the sound of breaking wind.

* 160 page
* Hard Cover Book
* Fart Dictionary

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