Money Maze Bank
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Money Maze Bank
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The Money Maze bank is a great combination of a challenging puzzle and an intriguing bank. It's easy to make a deposit ... but just try to make a withdrawal!

Drop coins or bills through the slot. In order to access your cash, you must SOLVE THE PUZZLE! It's not an easy task to guide the steel ball through the 3D labyrinth, yet it's the only way to unlock the safe and remove the contents within.

The compartment inside is perfect for hiding a small gift! Place your gift inside and force the recipient to solve the puzzle in order to receive their gift! A devilishly fun way to torment your friends and family!

* Easy to make a deposit, just TRY to make a withdrawal.
* Recipient must solve the maze to unlock clear acrylic box.
* Full instructions included in case they give up.
* Gift compartment is 3 inches high x 2.25 inches wide.
* Puzzle itself is 3.5 inches square.


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