Digital Coin Jar Sorter Coin Counting Machine
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Digital Coin Jar Sorter Coin Counting Machine
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The Digital Coin Sorter/Counter, with new sorting technology, electronically sorts and counts coins showing a grand total on the digital display. With the press of a button you can see how many dimes, pennies, nickels, quarters and dollar coins are in each coin tube. After a moment, the display will return to the grand total. Coins may also be subtracted from the total as desired. The Digital Coin Sorter sorts all coins, including the new dollar coin, right into the coin tubes with or without the preformed paper wrappers. Drop up to fifty coins into the hopper, push the button and watch as they are electronically sorted, counted and stacked into the waiting coin tubes. A handy, easy access overflow tray collects all coins that spill off the top of the full coin tubes. Just pull the drawer forward and lift out the filled tube and you have "Bank-Ready" rolls of coins! Sample coin wrappers included.

* Digital Coin Sorter Coin Counting Machine
* Made Of High Quality Plastic
* Sorts Up To 50 Coins At A Time
* Adds And Subtracts Coins
* Sample Coin Wrappers Included
* AC Power Adaptor Included

* Digital Coin Sorter Coin Counting Machine - 9" x 6"
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