Apple iPad 2 Case - Smart Cover Argyle Gray #10
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Apple iPad 2 Case - Smart Cover Argyle Gray #10
Part #: 42318
Retail Price: $49.99
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For such a evolutional device, you will need a Smart case so your iPad 2 can be the ultimate genius. The Smart feature permits you to put your iPad 2 to sleep by closing the front cover and waking up your iPad 2 by opening your cover. This easily conserves your battery life to enjoy its full potential. For such a powerful device, we've also decided to include its personal stand so it can stand on its own. Amazingly enough, its fabric material will match your favorite outfits with its slim design and protection from scratches and scrapes. Finally, the iPad 2 Smart cover includes precision cuts and openings that permit you to take full advantage of your iPad 2.

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