Redneck Margarita Glass 8oz
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Redneck Margarita Glass 8oz
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Dad-gum perfect for your next high-falutin' shindig! Redneck-style Margarita stemware glass is made from an authentic Mason jar with metal lid so you don't spill a drop. Make all yer friends jealous with The Original Redneck Margarita Glass. Use the lid if you like your margarita shaken, not stirred, and to keep them flies out.

* The Original Redneck Margarita Glass 8oz
* Mason Jar With Stemware And Lid
* Handmade, No Two Are Exactly Alike
* Handwash Only

* The Original Redneck Margarita Glass 8oz - 7 1/2" x 4"
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