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Now you can hide a fart almost anywhere! Cause hilarious scenes and embarrass all your friends when they hear a fart when they least excpect it! The fun never ends with Fart-O-Matic!

How To Use:
* Try Me Button - Turn the ON/OFF switch to OFF. Press TRY ME button to sample individual fart sounds
* Automatic Activation - Turn ON/OFF switch to ON. Place light activator in a place that can be made completely dark (such as a drawer.) When the drawer is open and light is sensed by the light activator the unit will sound off!
* The attachment tape included allows you to attach the light activator into a fixed position like under a toilet seat or a car trunk lid.
* Sensitivity Adjustment Screw - Increases or decreases the amount of light required to activate your Fart-O-Matic.

Suggested Locations for Fart-O-Matic:
* Under a toilet seat
* In a refrigerator
* In a closet
* In a drawer
* In a car trunk
* In a tool box
* In a gym locker
* In a cupboard
* In a glove compartment

* Do not leave in wet or moist places or you will cause damage to unit
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