Big Mouth Toys Prank Notices- 10pk Assortment
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Big Mouth Toys Prank Notices- 10pk Assortment
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These prank notices are great for those filthy neighbors, roommates or coworkers! Imagine a neighbor next to you coming home to a large, bright neon Condemned sign that includes the text, "Maybe if you weren't such filthy pig dogs we wouldn't have to do this but you leave us no choice. You are vile and disgusting and for that matter you're ugly too!" or an Eviction Notice sign that includes the text, "YOU ARE ALSO REQUIRED to vacate the premises immediately after payment simply because you are stupid and ugly and nobody likes you. YOU ARE ALSO a Horrible neighbor!"

* Package Includes: Condemned, Solid Waste Contamination, Do Not Enter - Crime Scene, Seizure of Drugs, Eviction Notice, Foreclosure, and more..
* Printed on very bright, neon colored paper
* 9" x 6" big stickers
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