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Bullshit Button
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There is always at least one person in the office who is always mouthing off thinking they know everything or maybe there is a person who is always late or off and makes up the most stupid excuse to get away with it. Help is at hand with this excellent Bullshit Button, simply hit the button to blast out a loud bullshit alert making loudmouth and sick-note shut up and realise what idiots they are!

7 different Bullshit Alerts.

* Bullshit Alert - Bullshit Alert!
* Everybody Put On Your Helmet Bullshit Is Being Flung!
* What A Crock Of Bullshit!
* If Bullshit Were Money You'd Be A Millionaire!
* Step Right Up And Get Your Bullshit Here!
* Now That Was Grade A Bullshit!
* If It Gets Any Deeper In Here, I'll Need A Latter To Climb Out!

Includes 2 x AAA Batteries.

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